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Dine Back in Time

[ 0 ] February 9, 2012 |

We listen to the constant drone of lecturers day in and day out and when we leave campus we’re bombarded by text messages, Tweets and Facebook notifications – everywhere we go we’re surrounded by technology. It’s like we’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of modernity.

If you think about people your own age in days gone by, do you think their life was anything like ours?

I can almost guarantee you that it wasn’t; it was much, much simpler. They would write a letter instead of sending a text message, go to a ballroom/swingdance instead of a club and they made time to enjoy the simple things like sitting back and enjoying the pleasures of a milkshake and a burger at their local diner.

Sometimes I just wish that we were able to go back to these times – don’t get me wrong, I love technology and everything that it lets us to do, but sometimes it would just be nice to step back from the everyday buzz to appreciate everything, and with the mountain of assignments piling higher, this idea is beginning to sound more and more like a figment of my imagination.

But what I think some of us tend to forget is that yes, we might be living in 2012 instead of 1912 but that doesn’t mean that we can’t step back in time for an afternoon, an evening or a night.

Don’t worry, (we haven’t gone crazy…yet) we’re not going to tell you to hop in a time machine or explain how to build your own Tardis (although we’re really considering this as an upcoming story idea).

However, we have picked out the top three retro diners in a selection of the major cities across Canada that give you the chance to have a perfect evening out with your favourite people and escape studying/assignments for the night!

Galaxie Diner, Calgary


-       Galaxie Diner
-       Diner Deluxe
-       Evelyn’s Memory Lane Café, High River

Argo Café, Vancouver


-       Bobby Sox 50′s Diner
-       Argo Café
-       Lucy’s Eastside Diner

Broadway Café, Saskatoon


-       Park Café
-       Broadway Café
-       Mercury Café (it’s actually in Regina – we couldn’t find any more in Saskatoon)

Baked Expectations, Winnipeg


-       The Wagon Wheel
-       White Star Diner
-       Baked Expectations

George Street Diner, Toronto


-       Sadie’s Diner
-       George Street Diner
-       Bus Terminal Diner

Jukebox Burgers, Québec


-       Gibeau Orange Julep
-       Jukebox Burgers 

True North Diner

Atlantic Provinces:

– Rufus and Rory’s Finer Diner (PEI)
True North Diner (Halifax)

(Sadly I was unable to find a third one for Montréal or the Atlantic Provinces, but maybe it’s more fun this way – any that are not listed are still waiting out there somewhere for you to discover!)

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