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Vancouver’s Coolest Cafes

[ 2 ] March 2, 2012 |

Well, we are now a week into our miniseries on the best cafes to go to across the country! Last week’s article on Victoria’s coziest and coolest cafes provided much enthusiasm and conversation, and we’re sure that this week shall be no different.

So what’s next on our list?

Why Vancouver, of course!

This always-evolving metropolitan city provides much scope for the various students and professionals who live there. And of course, there is more than an abundance of cafes and coffeehouses to please just about everyone.

One may wonder how we choose our favourite and coziest cafes and coffeehouses to include in our list. Well, we do our research. We ask those who live there (either by Twitter, Facebook or any of those other forms communication to speak to those who know the city best) what their favourite places are to go for a cup of coffee and to study or relax.

And so, on that note, here is The Student’s Life’s top three list of the best cafes and coffeehouses to check out the next time you’re craving that cup of coffee:


49th Parallel Roasters

Since its inception in 2007 in the sought-after location surrounded by boutiques and restaurants, this sophisticated cafe is well known for its long and narrow interior. But don’t let its looks fool you — one sip of their coffee, and you’ll be glad you stopped by. This cafe has become a favourite over the years, with its European (but modern) flair and an array of music played throughout the week. According to Lindsay Parker, an employee of 49th Parallel Roasters, the top selling beverages are the macchiatos — and if you arrive at the cafe in the morning, be sure to pick up their double-baked almond croissant. “Most of our baked goods sell-out quickly each morning, and that croissant is our most sought-after!”

Where you can find 49th Parallel Roasters…
2152 West 4th Avenue


Bump N Grind

This cool cafe has had a few different owners but many would say that despite the changing hands, the beverages and treats still have that same delicious taste they had from the start. Bump N Grind hosts a very laid back, comfortable atmosphere for its customers from all walks of life — students, professionals, families, artists, musicians and visitors of Vancouver. So what’s the best selling drink at this cafe? “Our Americano, easily,” says Kyle Wright, an employee for the cafe. “The feedback we get from our customers is that our Americano is extremely addictive, the coffee we use tastes so good that they are irresistible.”

Where you can find Bump N Grind…
916 Commercial Drive


Elysian Coffee

This infamous coffeehouse is known for its amazing blends of coffee — from El Salvador, Guatemala and Rwanda, just to name a few. Elysian Coffee‘s original location at 5th Avenue is very cozy and relaxing, and is conveniently located by City Hall, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Heath, and Langara’s satellite campus. And that’s not all — it’s also open late on weekends, making it the perfect place for students to go to just to chill. “All our coffees are seasonal,” says Kevin, says a spokesperson of the coffeehouse, “but my favorite coffees tend to come from El Salvador and Guatemala. What’s most exciting to me, however, is that we have started sourcing, purchasing and roasting our own green coffee.” While we at The Student’s Life have never heard of green coffee, this is an absolute must whenever we travel to Vancouver!

Where you can find Elysian Coffee…
1778 West 5th Avenue
590 West Broadway

Stay tuned next week for Calgary’s best cafes and coffeehouses! 

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  1. Conor says:

    L’Abbatoire and Revolver both in Gas Town are my favourites :)

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