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Dress for Success: The Best of Interview Attire

[ 0 ] March 30, 2012 |

The resumes have been perfected, the applications have been sent out and now you’re playing the waiting game hoping to get that call asking you to come in for an interview.

When you reach this stage you might think that the difficult part is over but the truth is it is just the start of an entirely new dilemma – how do you ace the interview?

Well of course the most important thing needed to get any job is knowledge in that field (unfortunately you’re going to have to work on that part yourself) but another thing that you should remember about an interview is that first impressions are lasting impressions. And what makes a good first impression? Walking into your interview dressed to impress.

It might sound superficial but clothes really are one of the most important things in an interview. They have the power to change what other people will think of you and how confident you feel about yourself – if you’ve ever sat down in a room full of fellow interviewees feeling ridiculously over or underdressed you’ll know what I mean.

So instead of constantly picking up your go-to suit or just tossing on a pair of jeans we’re here to help you out providing outfit recommendations for three of the most popular student summer jobs.

For Business/Corporate

Entering into the business industry requires you to be professional and put together, so rolling in wearing your jeans and a hoodie is probably the last thing you’ll want to do.

This is one scenario when wearing a suit is completely acceptable for both guys and girls. It will make you look like you’re powerful and to be trusted, two traits that are always valued in a business environment.

But just because you’re wearing professional clothing doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your personality with it. The suit might be your base but you have the option to let your own personality shine through. By incorporating in a pop of bright colour either in your accessories, top or tie you will be able to give your employer a little sense of who you really are and you never know that might just get you the job – employers like to see that you have some character and are comfortable in this attire, not just another cookie cut interviewee wearing the first suit you found at the mall.

interview business                    mens interview

For Outdoors/Camp Counsellor 

If you’re planning on working outside this summer chances are your employers don’t want to see you in a suit.

Working outdoors requires you to be versatile, comfortable and casual and so you want to reflect this side of you from the moment you walk in the door.

A pair of khaki pants is a great base for both a male and female outfit, they are clean and professional yet still feel like you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty (something you can’t be too afraid of when working outdoors).

You can pair them with a nice polo shirt, for guys, or dress them up with a cute cardigan for girls but either way whether you’re applying for the kids camp, a garden centre or a job with your local park you’ll look put-together, comfy and casual – a knockout combination.

camp womens                   men summer

For the Server/Bartender

If you’re going into the food industry, you’ll need to remember that as shallow as it is, appearance is everything, and especially when it comes to upper class restaurants.

So whether you have hopes of waiting on tables out on the floor or mixing drinks behind the bar, you’re going to need to think carefully about what to wear to meet your new prospective boss.

For this interview you’re going to need to look professional but, unlike our suggestions above for the business position, donning a full suit isn’t the best idea when stepping into this interview.

Try to make things a little more casual while still maintaining that professional vibe.

For guys this might mean losing the tie and just wearing a nice shirt and a pair of dress pants. Or for you girls it might require you to ditch the skirt suit in favour of a nice dress and black cardigan.

Regardless of what you pick make sure that you still look like you – pick a colour that you love or add in some accessories that are a little more funky and fashionable.

Serving Industry Outfit                   Mens Waiter

But no matter what job you’re going for just remember that you always want to look your best. However, there’s one part of your outfit that you won’t be able to buy at your nearest mall, a great personality and a welcoming smile, and cheesy as it sounds you better listen up because that can instantly change the outcome of your interview. It might even end up being the deciding factor in whether you end up securing the job or losing it to that person you saw happily walking in as you were walking out.

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