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Around the World in 10 Unique Sports: Bossaball (Trampoline Volleyball)

[ 0 ] June 24, 2012 |

When we were kids inventing our own games was probably more fun than organized sports. You would combine different parts of your favourite sports into one giant intermingled game with some odd name that you created. No one besides the inventors would know (or understand) how to play. These games would be extremely fun, but never seemed to last. However, there is one such sport that has been developed, and is gaining momentum on the international stage: the game is called Bossaball and is a combination of volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. The best part is the game is played on an inflatable court with a trampoline in the middle! Imagine jumping over 10 feet in the air while you do a front flip, spike the ball and land comfortably back on a trampoline – have you pictured it?  Well, that is Bossaball – a party-style game that will bring out the inner child in everyone.



Bossaball is a fairly new sport; it only came into existence in the last 7 years. The chemist behind this crazy mixture of a sport is a Belgian named Filip Eyckmans who came up with the concept for the game in 2003. How the Belgian dreamt up this wild sport is unknown, but in 2005 the game was released in Belgium and has begun to grow internationally. The sport is now launched in over 20 countries around the world, and the most notable Bossaball countries are Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

Bossaball Sports S.L. (Spain) and Music and Sports BV (the Netherlands) make up the two international headquarters that organize and develop many different activities for the sport worldwide.


The Game

The sport at its most basic is essentially volleyball on a trampoline. The aim of the game is exactly the same as volleyball; ground the ball on the opponent’s side of the court. Each team consists of 3-5 players, and each side is encouraged to have a mixed team of men and women. The game is played on a giant inflatable court with a trampoline placed in the middle of the court on either side of the net. One player from each team is positioned on the trampoline (the attacker), the other players are positioned around the attacker on the inflatable court.


Gameplay and Rules

  • The game is started by a player serving the ball over the net using football (soccer for all the North Americans), volleyball, or gymnastics techniques (e.g. a hand serve, a kick, a head-butt, or any way of serving that comes to your mind. You are allowed to serve with your hands, but front / back flips, round-house kicks, or scissors kicks are strongly encouraged!)
  • Players must take into consideration their own safety before trying any serve, move, or jump.
  • When the opposing team receives the ball they are allowed a maximum of 8 touches before they must return the ball to the other team.
  • The first two touches from the opposing team must be volleyball style (a.k.a hands) and any successive touches after the second touch must be a so called soccer touch (any body part except their hands).
  • You can only touch the ball once with your hands, but double touches are allowed with your feet, head, or any other body part you can utilize.
  • The game rallies back and forth until one team grounds the ball on the opposing team’s side.
  • If the ball hits the side of the nets or the rings around the trampoline (the bossawall) the game continues and the teams carry on trying to score.
  • The winner of the game is the team that is first score 25 points (with a 2-point difference).
  • Teams earn 1-point when scoring from the inflatable areas of the court, and teams earn 3-points when scoring from the trampoline section.
  • The attacker on the trampoline is usually the primary scorer for the team because they can reach great heights and set up a spectacular 3-point smash.
  • Music is a major component of the game and so each game is usually accompanied with samba, Latin American music, or a DJ. One of Bossaball’s main goals is to bring music and sport together into one great game.

Getting Involved

Bossaball is most prominent in Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The most famous teams are the Spanish and Brazilian teams. There are no official leagues yet, but Bossaball International organizes many tournaments and activities worldwide – you can check out a list of the upcoming events here. If you are travelling and looking try your hand (or feet, or head for that matter) at a game of Bossaball then the Netherlands is your best choice. Holland is hosting quite a few Bossaball tournaments all across the country over the course of this summer.

So if you’re looking to try something new that’s not too competitive, will have you jumping around to great music and want to have a fantastic time – Bossaball might be the sport for you.

Find out more on the official Bossaball website



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