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About Us

After putting our heads together (literally) we realized that writing an “About Us” page isn’t as easy as it looks (we’re talking about you, Sites-Who-Cannot-Be-Named). So here it goes…*ahem*

The Student’s Life is the creation of Rachel Kane and Lauren Gilbart, two 20-something third year university students in Calgary, AB. (Not sure where that is? Google it!) The idea was first conceived mid- January 2012 after spending endless hours on the Internet, only to realize that a magazine geared towards post-secondary students didn’t exist.

Enter Us.

Being students ourselves we understand what it is to live life as students on a tight budget. From packed lunches to hunting down the cheapest coffee shop (thank you 7-Eleven), we have spent the past three years of heavy course loads, internships and jobs, perfecting a student’s life of luxury down to a fine art.

And so we created The Student’s Life,  an online magazine that is aimed at all of you who are currently in or entering post-secondary. In our daily uploads, we feature articles related to all aspects of life — from fashion to food, entertainment to beauty. The Student’s Life is written by students for students, and we hope that after learning from our experiences we can make your’s a little less painful and a little more exciting!